Field Trip Health is reimagining the mental health clinic with intentionally designed, technologically-empowered psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy centers across North America. With an ambitious and unparalleled expansion strategy, Field Trip Health has established itself as the leader in psychedelic therapies with the successful buildout of its first 12 clinics across North America and Europe.

The Field Trip Health approach is an evidence-based, medically-supervised psychedelic therapy protocol personalized by client background and goals. We support individuals who are looking to heal from tough-to-beat mental illnesses like PTSD and depression, as well as those simply looking to grow and expand empathy, increase creativity and feel a deeper connection to themselves, others and the planet.

Our spaces are thoughtfully designed for the healing journey with great care from our design team. Serene, quiet, and alive with light and plant life, Field Trip Health clinics offer a calming oasis inspired by all of the peaceful aspects of nature to ease and support clients before, during, and after their experiences.

We offer a modern, technology-enabled spin on the traditional health clinic, with an exceptional digital team dedicated to developing scalable infrastructure and digital tools that act as a supportive arm to the patient's in-clinic experience and enable an engaging, consistent Field Trip experience no matter where you are.