Consciousness expansion is gaining traction as a powerful, evidence-backed tool in healing mental illnesses and enhancing mental wellbeing that will continue to grow as the need for mental health support increases while existing resources like antidepressants and virtual talk therapy fall short.

Field Trip Health's clinics will roll out in all major cities across North America but that still leaves millions globally that are having consciousness-expanding experiences at home with little to no guidance and structure for best preparing for, having, and integrating from them.

One of the biggest challenges in making psychedelic therapies accessible to a global audience is scaling. Field Trip Digital was created to develop new digital tools that make consciousness expansion therapy and resources available to the world, to provide everyone with access to the healing and growth benefits in these practices.

Learn more about Field Trip Digital's products below.


Field Trip Digital Products

Trip, Field Trip Digital's first iOS and Android app for consciousness expansion, was launched in mid August 2020 and has since been featured in Wired, Product Hunt, Yahoo, Business Insider, DoubleBlind, Green Entrepreneur, Market Watch, and FreeThink. Trip blends modern neuroscience with the wisdom of psychology to take you on a self-guided journey and help you make the most of your consciousness-expanding experiences through intention setting, mood tracking, personalized music, mindfulness content, and more. Download Trip now on iOS or Android.

Field Trip Portal

Field Trip Portal image

Psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy is the newest innovation in mental health. It is rapidly progressing as a compelling evidence-based treatment, yet it is still relatively new compared to traditional treatment options like SSRIs, ECT, and talk therapy. Many of our Field Trip Health clients come to us without much knowledge or experience with psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy. Further, there is no one-size-fits-all in mental health therapy. We each have our own unique set of needs based on our background and goals.

For these reasons, we designed Field Trip Portal—to supplement and extend beyond our clients' in-clinic experience at Field Trip Health. Portal acts as a helping hand, guiding clients from start to finish along their Field Trip journey so that they're informed and comfortable every step of the way and have all the resources they need to reach lasting change, in a way that's personalized to their unique needs.

After a patient completes their medical intake and is determined eligible for their first appointment, they will be invited to create a Portal account which they will use throughout their treatment journey and beyond. With it they can manage and review their personalized treatment plan, contact their therapy team, and access exclusive content and tools designed by our expert integration psychotherapists for processing self-discoveries and converting them into healing that lasts, all from their web or mobile device.

We are dedicated to not only giving our clients the best possible experience during their time with us in our clinics, but also ensuring that they can take what they learn through psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy into their daily lives and reach lasting change.

Part of what makes Field Trip different is our premium technology-driven approach that offers a personalized experience that patients have access to at home and on their devices.